Why Meditate With Stars Of Light®


  • We work with chakras or 12 STARS OF LIGHT® and distinctive Light Energies
  • Classes are live with a real teacher conducting each class
  • You will experience Group meditation
  • There is live teacher/student interaction
  • There are no gurus. Student have the benefit of learning from a different teacher at each level of classwork
  • This is an experiential path where live feedback is provided.

Testimonials For the Stars Of Light®
Meditation Technique

This meditation changed my whole outlook and perspective and how I live my life in general. I have more clarity, more trust, and more peace. I am a completely different person than I was before I began these classes. Even if I find turmoil at times, this technique is the anchor that helps me get through those times much more easily.
When I began meditating with Stars of Light®, I was working crazy work-aholic hours and my relationships were unfulfilling. Learning to meditate with this technique helped me release unhealthy behaviors. I learned how to stay positive and hold my center in chaotic surroundings or situations. I make choices in my life today that are positive and fulfilling, uplifting and enlightening due to this work.
I appreciate Stars of Light® meditation classes and technique. I have made lifelong friends and, most importantly, my soul has been nourished through this work. This soul connection has allowed more of me to shine through!
I tried to learn meditation using tapes that I bought online, but I didn’t get very far as I didn’t know what to do. I needed help. Having a dedicated teacher allowed me to understand the procedure and learn how to meditate.
When I came to the meditation school, I was leading an overscheduled life. I needed a better job; I was single and not sure of my career path. It was a turning point time my life. The skills gained by this course of study led me to my dream job and what is now a 25-year happy marriage. My friendships are deep and have lasted. I have found that meditation helps with all that life gives us -- family navigation, paying off debt, ups and downs of the business world. Meditation became a way of life through which I am able to not only cope, but thrive as a joyful person.

We teach you to be your own Guru

Stars of Light ® provides you with tools to go within to find your own answers, to follow your hunches and to trust your personal connection to the Divine.  There are no gurus, only fellow travelers on the path, some with more experience than others.  This technique empowers you to trust yourself and your guidance, not rely on anyone else for answers. We rotate teachers so that no one becomes attached to a single teacher and that also allows the student the opportunity to work with different teachers in each level, gaining wisdom and strengthening trust in one’s own inner guidance.

This procedure doesn’t change you but rather helps you discover and become more of who you truly are.