The Introductory Levels I – IV consist of 44 lessons, divided into 4 levels of instruction focusing on the physical, emotional, mental and astral natures of the individual. The student is provided written materials (text books) introducing the unique meditation procedure and containing lesson material.


The Intermediate levels consist of 33 lessons divided into 3 levels of instruction. In these levels the student undergoes additional in-depth meditation training and there is an added focus on world service. Again, the student is provided written materials (text books) for these lessons. 


Advanced level courses, seminars, group meditations, special events and Teacher’s Training courses are offered on an on-going basis.

Have you studied with us in the past? Please contact info@starsoflight.org for information on joining Intermediate or Advanced Level classes.

Typically, all inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours.

We can create a special class or event for your group or company. Please email events@starsoflight.org for more information.

You Won’t Need An App!

Meditation is easy, but it can sometimes be difficult to get past the mind chatter and into your quiet place – into what we call the silence.  Meditation apps can be useful. But, if there’s a Zombie Apocalypse, we want you to be self-reliant! You need to be able to find your center without an external device.  That is why we teach live classes and don’t offer apps. We teach you to find your center and get to your peaceful place on your own, any time, any place. If you are in the middle of a crisis, a hurricane, a bad job review, whatever, you can’t rely on an app. We teach you ways to rely on yourself.

We believe in the power of meditation. We believe in the power of the light. Used together, they provide tools for the transformation of your life, your relationships, your community and your world.