Stars Of Light® Meditation Helps You To Uncover The Mystery Of Yourself

Stars of Light® is a meditation technique that uses light and color as a focus.  It is a simple technique that can bring about profound results and change in your life.

Each course is 3 months of study focusing on different aspects of self: physical, emotional, mental, and astral. 

The Stars of Light® meditation classes are open to both beginners and experienced meditators.

Stars of Light® meditation classes are non-denominational and all-inclusive. We embrace all spirituality, all religions.

The Stars of Light® meditation technique introduces the student to our unique colors and the location of the 12 chakras of the soul body that we call the Stars of Light®

We use the metaphysical principles that ‘Thought is Enough™”, that you create what you think, and that “Energy follows thought and thought directs energy™.”

Why Meditate With Stars Of Light®

At Stars Of Light® Many Students Come To:

Learn to meditate easily.
The colors make it simple.

Relax after a busy day.

Find a spiritual connection not attached to a religion.

If You Already Meditate, Stars Of Light® Will Take You To The Next Level

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Results We Have Seen In Our Students:

  • Stress relief​
    Breakthrough in job or career​
  • Improving family relationships
  • Finding a mate
  • Healing the past
  • Improving physical habits
  • Enhancing creativity​
  • Finding one’s purpose